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Junior Burke...
is a poet from the American heartland with the spirit of a classic rocker. The combination of his musical gifts and storytelling prowess redefines the singer-songwriter genre. Drawing on influences ranging from folk rock and blue-eyed soul to blues, Burke fashions seamless melodies infused with lyrics that are piercing, authentic, often ironic and ultimately unforgettable. Produced by industry great Jim Tullio, the album While You Were Gone mines Burke's life experience and unique point of view, traversing a landscape of love, loss and longing that continues to resonate well after the last note fades.
Junior Burke - While You Were Gone CD
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Junior Burke performs at the High Street Concert Series in Lyons, CO Saturday, March 1, 2008, KGNU Radio Kabaret Monday, April 7and at Swallow Hill Cafe in Denver, CO Thursday, April 10, 2008.
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While You Were Gone:
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