America’ a Lonely Town

Song List

1. America’ a Lonely Town 03:33
2. How Far Can One Man Fall? 03:11
3. Just Lucky, I Guess 02:52
4. Lonesome Together 02:49
5. Vandalia 03:36
6. What There’ll Be Left of Me 04:18

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released August 1, 2019

Produced, engineered and mixed by Max Davies at Bas Couture Bunker; Boulder, Colorado

Songs by Junior Burke and Billy Panda

Junior Burke: Vocals, electric rhythm guitar, acoustic 6 and 12 string guitars, harmonica

Max Davies: Additional guitars, bass, percussion, keyboards, and vocal harmonies.

Graphic design, Priscilla Cohan

Photo by Junior Burke

America’s a Lonely Town, What There’ll Be Left of Me and Lonesome Together; Bodark Music, BMI; Billy Panda Publishing

Just Lucky I Guess, How Far Can One Man Fall and Vandalia; Songs of Mojo One, BMI; Billy Panda Publishing

Thanks to Ambrose Bye and Fast Speaking Music