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Spot of Time…
blends finely attuned elements of rock with poetic echoes of W.B. Yeats, Arthur Rimbaud and Gertrude Stein.

Junior Burke has completed a new recording titled, Spot of Time. Heavily focused on poetry and lyrical content it will be released by Fast Speaking Music, a New York based label which presents work by contemporary musicians such as Thurston Moore and celebrated poets including Anne Waldman and Allen Ginsberg.

“The record has a definite sound, and there was a conscious effort to try and do things the natural way. We spent time listening to certain albums and artists as templates for what we were going for, like The Plastic Ono Band’s first record, or Van Morrison’s Astral
Weeks. We also looked to the Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan and Phil Spector for inspiration.”

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Spot of Time - Junior Burke
Spot of Time - Junior Burke


Junior Burke and Max Davies perform.  Junior is interviewed to discuss his new album, Spot of Time.