Announcing Collectibles by Lawrence Block



What leads one person to collect stamps and another coins, one fine art and another butterflies? Who can say? But one thing is certain: those who’ve got the collecting bug care passionately — sometimes violently — about the objects of their obsession. No one covets like a collector; and as you will find in the pages of this brand new anthology from MWA Grand Master Lawrence Block, a truly dedicated collector will ignore the other nine commandments, too, in his quest for his personal Holy Grail.

From Joyce Carol Oates’ tale of the ultimate Marilyn Monroe collectible to Dennis Lehane’s bookseller with a penchant for other people’s tragic correspondence, from Lee Goldberg’s Hollywood hustler with a collection of unaired TV shows to Joe R. Lansdale’s stylish foray into noir, culminating in Lawrence Block’s own classic story of a killer with a unique approach to choosing his victims, Collectibles illustrates the range of the collecting impulse and the lengths people will go to in their hunger to possess the perfect piece.

Limited: 750 numbered copies signed by the editor

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From Publishers Weekly:

“Standouts include Dennis Lehane’s gilt-edged chiller, ‘A Bostonian (in Cambridge),’ in which a wealthy collector of letters of abandonment falls prey to wily blackmailers, and Joe R. Lansdale’s ‘The Skull Collector,’ a gangster yarn featuring gun-toting female grave robbers. Overshadowing everything, though, is Lee Goldberg’s ‘Lost Shows,’ a delightful shocker about a fanatical collector of short-lived and unaired TV shows who has turned his Hollywood home into a mausoleum of lost dreams.”

Table of Contents:

  • The Elephant in the Living Room (an introduction) — Lawrence Block
  • The Evan Price Signature Model — Junior Burke
  • Blue Book Value — S. A. Cosby
  • …from Otto Penzler’s Mysterious Obsession (1)
  • A Collector of Friends — Janice Eidus
  • Lost Shows — Lee Goldberg
  • Bar Wall Panda — Rob Hart
  • God Bless America — Elaine Kagan
  • …from Otto Penzler’s Mysterious Obsession (2)
  • Resonator — Kasey Lansdale
  • The Skull Collector — Joe R. Lansdale
  • A Bostonian (in Cambridge) — Dennis Lehane
  • Miss Golden Dreams — Joyce Carol Oates
  • …from Otto Penzler’s Mysterious Obsession (3)
  • The Green Manalishi with the Two-Prong Crown — Thomas Pluck
  • Devil Sent the Rain — David Rachels
  • Chin-Yong Yun Meets a Mongol — S. J. Rozan
  • The Demise of Snot Rocket — Kristine Kathryn Rusch
  • …from Otto Penzler’s Mysterious Obsession (4)
  • First Appearance — Alex Segura
  • Collecting Ackermans — Lawrence Block