A Thousand Eyes

“… with the smell and smoke and taste still harsh in his nostrils, eyes and throat, he needed to warn others, not just his own kind but all other non-humans. Death was in the air.”

When Todd Wendt, recovering from the tragic death of his wife, is sent to oversee operations at a regional cement plant in Colorado, news reaches him of a series of vicious animal attacks. Over time, it becomes clear that the attacks taking place in this small mountain town are far from random: Todd, and his company are being targeted…

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A Thousand Eyes - Junior Burke

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A Thousand Eyes - Junior Burke
ISBN-13: 9781785357152
Publisher: Cosmic Egg Books
Publication date: 05/25/2018
Pages: 240

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A Thousand Eyes - Junior BurkeParanormal Therapy | June 10

In the middle of the night in September 2013, Junior Burke saw a bear and a mountain lion prowling the street outside his Lyons home. If the bizarre sighting didn’t shatter the illusion that the Naropa University associate professor was safe from harm, the next week’s catastrophic flooding—which destroyed his family’s home and nearly all of their belongings—certainly did. Burke’s new horror novel, A Thousand Eyes, reflects his attempt to deal with the traumatic memories. “These days, what’s normal is so disturbing that the paranormal almost seems a welcome escape,” Burke says. The book was released May 25, and he’ll be at the Tattered Cover Book Store on Colfax Avenue this month for a reading and a talk about how the writing experience helped him come to terms with vulnerability.

Local Author Spotlight: ‘A Thousand Eyes’

Eco-horror fiction by Junior Burke
Posted: 06/22/2018 08:19:36 AM MDT
Updated: 06/22/2018 08:22:24 AM MDT

Author name: Junior Burke

Book title: A Thousand Eyes

Type of book: Fiction
Genre: Eco-horror

Summary: Todd Wendt, employed by a multi-national corporation, is recovering from the tragic death of his wife and is at a loss as to what direction his life could possibly take. When he is sent to a small mountain town in Colorado, he becomes aware of a series of vicious animal attacks on the local population. Over time, Todd realizes the attacks are not random, but targeted at the company that brought him there, as well as himself. His decision to confront this situation transforms not only Todd but the entire community.

Author bio: Burke is a novelist who, besides writing fiction, is also an award winning dramatist and songwriter. For much of the most current century, he has served on the faculty of Naropa University.

Number of pages: 226